Integrated management techniques applied at AJM JOINT MANAGEMENT, guarantee the fulfillment of our clients objectives in their investments. Hence, schedule, cost and quality are no longer unknown parameters to become specific and reliable data. We make your investment safe. With AJM, our clients have real control of their investment, both, during the design process or the different construction phases. AJM management provides methodology and highly skilled resources in the field of construction and development. AJM management’s accomplishes the commitment of making your investment safe, by providing any external professional resources which may be necessary.

Joint Management

Project Management & Monitoring
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Project Management guarantees the fulfillment of our client’s objectives in their investments in Spain.

Finished Projects

Visit some of the projects where our professionals have taken place in fields as Architecture and Engineering Coaching, Project Management Services & Monitoring or Legal Management of the Project.



Project Monitoring is the tool that allows our clients to supervise the management of projects, without interfering on them, obtaining reliable information “on time“.